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January, 2013:

How Much Protection Does a College Degree Afford? The Impact of the Recession on Recent College Graduates
The Pew Charitable Trust, Economic Mobility Project


October, 2012:

Diminishing Funding and Rising Expectations: Trends and Challenges for Public Research Universities
National Science Board

The Future of Higher Education
Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

Models for U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia
Institute of International Education

Teacher Certification in Indonesia: a Doubling of Pay, or a Way to Improve Learning?
World Bank


September, 2012:

The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential
McKinsey Global Institute


June, 2012:

Acculturative Experiences Among Indonesian Graduate Students in US Higher Education: Academic Shock, Adjustment, Crisis, and Resolution
Excellence in Higher Education


May, 2012:

The BOSDA Improvement Program: Enhancing Equity and Performance through Local School Grants
World Bank


February, 2012:

U.S. – Indonesia Relations: Re-engaging America’s Universities
David Merrill, President, USINDO


April, 2011:

Expanding U.S. Study Abroad to Indonesia: U.S. Perspectives and Strategies for Expansion
Institute of International Education


April, 2010:

Indonesia: Higher Education Financing
Human Development, East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank


May, 2009:

Expanding Study Abroad Capacity at U.S. Colleges and Universities
Institute of International Education