What is the Joint Council?

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The U.S.-Indonesia Joint Council on Higher Education Partnership, or “Joint Council,” is a bi-national organization charged with increasing higher educational ties between the U.S. and Indonesia. Specifically, the Joint Council engages with both the public and private sectors in both countries to:

  • increase student, faculty, and staff exchanges;
  • enhance joint research;
  • and increase the number of institutional partnerships between colleges and universities.

The Joint Council is comprised of an Executive Committee, Executive Directors, and several Working Groups. The Executive Committee provides support for the work of the Joint Council whereas the U.S. and Indonesian Executive Directors are charged with creating and implementing strategies and initiatives to achieve the mission of the Joint Council. The Working Groups are charged with implementing the work of the Joint Council and mobilizing the higher education community in both countries.

The Joint Council is chaired by Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), and has three co-vice chairs: Dr. Anny Ratnawati, Indonesia Deputy Minister of Finance; Dr. Nina Sardjunani, Indonesia Deputy Minister of Bappenas; and Ambassador David Merrill, president of the U.S.-Indonesia Society (USINDO).

As a bi-national organization, the Joint Council has two executive directors charged with organizing and implementing the Joint Council’s initiatives. The Indonesian Executive Director is Dr. Nizam and the U.S. Executive Director is Mr. Bernie Burrola.

Over fifty colleges, universities, and organizations are involved with the working groups of the Joint Council. Currently there are three major working groups – many of which are subdivided into smaller focus groups. They are:

  • Student Exchanges Working Group
  • Faculty & Staff Exchanges Working Group
  • Joint Research and Institutional Partnerships Working Group

The Working Groups meet quarterly to address issues and implement strategies related to the increasing student, faculty, and staff exchanges as well as joint research and institutional partnerships.