Working Groups

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The Joint Council established three working groups comprised of over sixty higher education officials in order to make progress in carrying out the goals outlined in the U.S. – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership.


Student Exchange: To assist the two governments in reaching the goal set out in the Comprehensive Partnership of doubling the number of Indonesian students studying in the United States and the number of Americans studying in Indonesia by 2015.

Joint Research: To stimulate and facilitate U.S.-Indonesian joint research partnerships;

Faculty & Staff Exchange: To enhance the exchange of faculty, staff, and lecturers between the U.S. and Indonesia;

Institutional Partnerships: To stimulate and facilitate partnerships between higher education institutions in the U.S. and Indonesia.



Student Exchanges Working Group
Chair Dr. Wim Wiewel
President of Portland State University
Vice Chair Dr. Jack Bermingham
President of Highline Community College
Vice Chair Dr. Laura Armesto
Vice President, Chatham University


Faculty & Staff Exchange Working Group
Chair Dr. Reed Dasenbrock
Vice Chancellor of the University of Hawaii – Manoa
Vice Chair Dr. Doran C. French
Professor & Department Chair, Purdue University


Joint Research & Institutional Partnerships Working Group
Chair Dr. Bowen Loftin
President of Texas A&M University
Vice Chair Dr. Beth Stroble
President of Webster University